3 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Finally Go Solar this Year

How many times did your neighbour tell you ditch your local electricity provider and go all-in on solar energy? Probably a lot of times. But the question is; did you go for it? Did you trust their advice and made the switch to clean and green solar Adelaide energy? Let’s say you thought the idea was silly and you didn’t even consider it. We understand that significant changes like switching energy sources can be daunting and can raise a lot of scepticism. We’ve all been there. That’s the reason why we’re here to tell you that switching to solar energy is going to change your life for the better. It’s no surprise why many people have already transitioned to solar power, and it’s about time you make the switch as well. With that said, here are three excellent reasons why you should finally listen to your neighbour and go for solar this year.

You Can Reduce (and Even Eliminate) Your Electric Bill

Solar AdelaideThe amount you pay for your electricity takes up a huge chunk of your monthly expenses. If you’re frustrated and tired of the ever-increasing rate, it’s time that you move on to solar energy. By investing in a solar panel system, you’ll never want to look back at having to pay your monthly expenses. Going solar means you can lower your electricity bills per month. If you go off the grid, you can go full solar and not have to pay a single penny to your electricity ever again.

Avoid the Rising Energy Costs

As mentioned earlier, solar Adelaide lets you reduce and even eliminate your monthly electric bills. Energy prices are constantly rising, which is why this benefit is quite enticing, especially to people who are struggling to pay their monthly bills. While a solar panel system is an expensive investment, it will pay for itself later once you go off the grid. That also means you can now avoid the rising energy costs and not have to worry a thing about your local utility company not providing the right service.

Help You Save Money

You’re probably aware of the significance that solar Adelaide energy can bring at this point. It offers a lot of potential to not only provide a consistent source of electricity, but it can also help save you money in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Stop doubting your neighbour and start making the switch to solar energy today! If you’re ready, get started by visiting our website and learning more about our solar panel installation services. You can also get a free estimate and schedule an appointment with our expert solar panel installers.

Where to Find USB Datalogger for Solar Panel Systems

Have you ever wanted to know how much solar power you could harness by placing PV cells in the ideal place on or around your home? Do you want to know where to find USB datalogger for solar panel systems that can give you with the capability of doing so? If you do, then this article is for you! This article will show you how to build a data logger based on an Arduino Uno with datalogger shield and a PV cell tracking and recording the electric power gathered during a typical sunny day or even longer. The data is then recorded on an SD-card which can be accessed via SD card reader and can be edited and modified using a spreadsheet software application like Microsoft Excel.

Step 1: Prepare the Stand and the Solar Panel

Where to Find USB DataloggerThe stand is made from aluminium sheets bent in a U-shape according to the size of the solar panel system you purchased. The inclination of the panel can be locked and adapted, with a screw and two wing nuts inside the panel frame.

Step 2: Prepare the Divider and Housing

Looking for where to find USB data logger for solar panel systems won’t be complete without the voltage divider and the housing. The enclosure contains the electronic components, data logger shield, Arduino Uno, and the mini breadboard with the voltage driver. The electronic components are connections to a USB battery pack, the power supply of the Arduino Uno, and the solar panel.

Step 3: Preparing the Datalogger Shield and Other Wiring Jobs

The data logger shield will enable you to record data with the time and date information. The data are then stored on an SD card in a *.CSV-file format. You can also edit it using a spreadsheet software application such as MS Excel. A backup battery will keep the clock working without any external power supply use. Click this link to find proper documentation of your data logger shield.

Step 4: Start-up

Once everything is set, it’s time to start your setup and see if it works properly. Download and install the RTC and SD Libraries. Click here to redirect to the applications that you’ll need to download, along with their download link.

Step 5: Editing Your Data Using Spreadsheet Application

To calculate the amount of electric energy yielded by your solar panel, you can use Microsoft Excel to edit the *.csv file. The size of the table depends on the duration of the record. An hour-long data typically consumes about 175kB on your SD card.

For more information, as to where to find USB datalogger for solar panel systems, along with their installation process, check out our blog page now. You can refer to other articles that are related to this topic for more comprehensive information.

Sick of Paying High Electricity Bills? Switch to Solar Air Conditioning

Australia is considered as one of the hottest countries in the globe, with temperatures in Adelaide hitting as high as 46.6C during heat waves. Because of this, air conditioners can be found in almost every Aussie home. And with high cooling demands come high running costs for Richmond air conditioning Adelaide systems. It’s worrisome to think that comfort comes with a high price tag. Good thing there’s solar air conditioning that could mitigate the running costs of ACs.

What Are Solar Air Conditioning Systems?

A solar air conditioner is a heating and cooling system that uses solar power instead of electricity from the national power grid.

Richmond Air Conditioning AdelaideRichmond air conditioning Adelaide systems that run on solar power have a considerable upfront installation cost. However, they are a lot cheaper to run than those conventional models and are sure to save you thousands in operating costs in the long run. Solar energy is a great way to lower your household’s electricity bill and carbon footprint.

There are two major types of solar air conditioners, and they are:

Conventional Solar Powered Cooling System

This type of solar air conditioner uses a standard vapour compression refrigeration cycle to cool the house or office building. It’s the typical air conditioning system found in most homes and buildings but runs on power generated by a solar power system instead of the electricity grid.

Open Loop Cooling System

Also known as Dessicant Cooling, this type of solar air conditioning system is newer and less common but is more cost and energy-efficient. Open-loop solar air conditioners operate by using solar energy to heat a hot water tank. The hot water is then used to heat or cool the home. For heating, the water produces hot air to warm the room directly. For cooling, the hot air is used to dry out a cylinder that removes excess moisture from the air flowing in an adjacent chamber. After that, the dried air is pumped through a cooler, and then circulated around the house.

Are Solar Air Conditioners Cheaper to Run?

Both the solar refrigeration air conditioner and open-loop cooler require electricity to run – the former uses it to operate the compression and circulation of the refrigerant while the latter uses it to run the cooler for the dry air. However, they use less power compared to conventional air conditioning systems.

Between the two types of solar air conditioning systems, open-loop coolers require significantly lower running costs because it only needs to power the evaporative cooling system. On the other hand, the conventional solar-powered cooling system needs to compress and expand the refrigerant during cooling cycles constantly.

Essential Tips for Easy Solar Systems Adelaide Installation

Switching over to solar energy is probably the most straightforward yet most significant transition that you’ll ever make in your life. Deciding to go for a cleaner and a more efficient power source is a big leap yet is something that more and more Aussies are coming to realise. However, while that may be the case, keep in mind that the hard part comes during the installation of your solar panel system. While a DIY solar systems Adelaide installation isn’t impossible, you wouldn’t want to risk something as expensive as a solar system to your inexperienced hands. We want to make your transition to solar energy easy, better and worthwhile. That’s why we bring you some essential tips for easy solar panel system installation.




Before you even go out and buy a solar power system, it’s essential to take note of the ideal budget. Right now, the cost of a solar panel system installation will depend mainly on the equipment that you’re using. Fortunately, homeowners can have direct control over their equipment in a lot of cases. This level of flexibility, paired with the ability to choose the installation company you use, will make for ample savings in the range of $5,000 to $10,000. If you need some guidance on budgeting, you can always get help from a professional.


Choosing the Right Equipment

There are around three areas to consider when budgeting and weighing the effectiveness of your solar systems Adelaide equipment. Keep a close eye out for potentially unnecessary equipment that can save you thousands if you decide to purchase it:


  • Roof or Ground Mounting
  • Solar Batteries
  • Micro-inverters or String Inverters


Click here to get a more advanced discussion on each of these points. After installation, your solar panel should be protected from various elements. Make sure your solar panels can withstand the wrath of mother nature. However, you also need to make sure that it’s secured and well-protected to reinforce your panels.


What to Look for in Installation Companies

If you don’t know how to install a solar panel system on your own, then don’t hesitate to hire professional services. You can use solar panel saving calculators. They are useful for tracking crucial information such as your energy consumption and real-time market factors to determine a relatively accurate solar estimate. This estimate will help compare quotes from installers in your area. That way, you will know which company charges more and which is the right one for you.


Get your solar systems Adelaide installed the right way! Hire professional solar panel installation services now. Call our hotline or visit our website for more details.


Convincing Reasons to Make the Switch to Solar Power

You might want to consider switching to solar power today as the energy prices continue to increase on an almost daily basis. If you badly need to reduce your household expenses and is looking for a clean and green way of powering your home, well, solar energy is the perfect answer to that. In this post, we compiled some great reasons why you must switch to this type of energy to help you on your way, especially if you are not sure or need a few ideas. Right here, we discuss the compelling reasons to go solar sooner than later.

  1. It makes use of land that’s otherwise useless.

There are vast tracts of land widely available that aren’t utilised for anything at all in some countries around the world. The great news is that these spaces can now be utilised safely and healthily by installing Solar Newcastle. Not only you are making use of the land, but you also get a clean source of energy for everyone to enjoy.

  1. It ultimately supports environmental preservation.

The cleanest and greenest source of energy that is widely available as long as the sun is always up there is solar power. There is nothing about solar power that can pollute land, water or air. Our environment is extremely safe as it doesn’t release greenhouse gasses. Plus, for it to work, it uses no other resources but only a clean source of water. Thus, there is no denying that going solar is exceptionally environmentally safe.

  1. Using solar power means the likelihood of losing less energy.

Compared to the energy that needs to be transported through miles and miles of cabling and piping, you will be less likely to experience loose of power if your source is right on your roof. Your energy as well becomes domestic rather than something that is provided by a company. It only means that you have overall control over your usage and own bills too. Since you are in control of your bills, price increase and decrease that electricity suppliers place on their tariffs which usually happens either early in the morning or late at night as both demand and supply rise and fall for each consumer will never bother you any more.

  1. It’s all about energy security and independence.

No energy company can buy or sell the sun’s energy and hike its prices up as no one can have a monopoly on sunlight. Thus, energy security is what solar power can significantly provide. Although there are an initial outlay and expense of getting Solar Newcastle installed in your home of course; however, keep in mind that once it is already there in your roof, you have practically achieved energy independency status which as a result will save you money in the long run.

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